Monday, March 25, 2013

A Farewell to Knitting Needles (and WordPress)

Well, for the time being, anyway. I'm fresh out of the print edition of The Adventures of Miss Flitt, V. I, Chapter I, and I have no plans to print another set. Someone gave it to Julie Andrews as a gift. Seriously. I don't know if she ever got it, though. If you write me, of course, and ask me, I will have some printed (of course), because you, you my knitting friends, have been wondrous. I'd do anything for knitters.

For some strange reason, I tried to update something on my WordPress blog, and the entire thing disappeared. I don't seem panicked, do I? I'm not. It seems fitting. I never liked WordPress. Now I can't remember why I switched.

Since some time in November, I've been writing a novel. The novel is intricately plotted and involves many characters. It's a mystery. There is one mention of knitting so far, but it's a real return to my original passion--writing--did you guess? So I can't knit and write--especially if I'm working as a yoga teacher to pay the bills. I can't write a novel, design a sweater, and work on my alignment all at the same time. Something had to be dropped--like a stitch--but I am going to go back and pick up that stitch again at some point.

I plan to release my Red Riding Hood mitts in the fall. They still need some tinkering, but I'm focusing on getting a first draft finished by the spring. And won't it be wonderful when spring is here? I can't wait.

If you're local to Westchester, NY, and would like yoga (knitters get a discount), you can contact me here:

Love to all the knitters-- xo B

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Jamie DiEmidio said...

love your work and looking forward to your novel!